Thursday 14 January 2010

What do you think of the 'comment reply or not' question? Blogger doesn't give me the option of tracking back to your email so I can't reply to you personally right now. And that seems like a one-way communication that is not entirely satisfactory. I know I don't comment on very many blogs for that reason. But maybe if I could reply I would feel I had to reply and that might mean a 'thanks for the comment' when there is not much else to say. I do check to see if the commenter has a blog and I visit them and sometimes leave a comment there. Any thoughts?

I have one more project on the needles. Or rather I just took it off the needles for a moment.  I've finished the Valentine body and am ready to do a big push to finish the sleeves.

The cabling was really fun to do and I'm sorry it's over.

I am at the bottom border of the Teen cardigan. Now I'm excited to see how it looks off the needles.

And in between a trip to Toronto and a rehearsal tonight for a music show we're going to do in the spring, we are packing for a music weekend.

The big bag is a drum I'll be playing this weekend. It was a Christmas present to ourselves and it's fun, fun, fun. I'm looking forward to banging away over the weekend. There may not be much knitting done.


  1. Deb, I'm not sure what you mean by blogger not letting you track back to the email. I use blogger, have the comments forwarded to my email, then just reply to the commenter as to any emails I receive.

    Love the valentine garment. Even sleeveless

  2. Hi Brenda - OK, I'll go try setting that up and we'll check it out.

  3. Testing for the email.


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