Monday 4 January 2010

New Year plans

So the new year is upon us. Happy New Year to you. Do you have any big plans for your knitting in the next year?

I have decided that every day I am going to spend some time on playing around with design ideas. Today I spent some time setting up for an idea I have for a better fitting raglan. I'm playing with the line of the raglan and seeing if changing it a bit makes it fit better.

Nothing new here so far, regular set-up for a raglan with short rows to make the V. I don't think the V-neck is going to work out as it is. But that's what exploring is for, to find out what does and, in this case, what doesn't work. I have started the raglan in the normal way, increasing 2 sts at every raglan line, and then I am going to change the degree of slant by changing where and how much I increase. In a day or two I should have the yoke to a point where you can see what I'm trying to do. I've started it and maybe by tomorrow it will show better.

Yesterday I worked on my Teen cardigan for the Teen booklet. One more buttonhole done.

I realized that there is no button on it so you'll have to take it on faith that there are now 4 buttonholes finished. Those are my milestones, the buttonholes and my goal is to knit to one more buttonhole every day. Long projects need some way of determining progress don't you think?

My swirl sock testknit, the prototype which Lynda got for her birthday, is nearly finished. I'm going to have real 'second sock syndrome' on this one since I've already knit one pair. I suppose it will actually be 'fourth sock syndrome'.

But I do need another pair of socks.

I'm not going to pull out everything I'm working on in one day, it's way too overwhelming. Over the week I'm going to see exactly what I have started and how I'm going to set myself up to get it all done. I guess this is what I have decided to do with my knitting for the new year, prioritize and organize. Hopefully it lasts more than one week. How about you, any plans?

P.S. Comments
The blue shawl I knit is very similar to the Forest Canopy Shawl (you can find it on the internet) and based on Evelyn Clark's book "Knitting Lace Triangles". Triangle shawls are a lot of fun to do but they are way more fun when you get a stitch pattern which you like knitting. I really like the leaf patterns. I find them easy to follow so I can tell where I am whenever I pick up the shawl to knit a couple more rows. For me, that makes it much more likely that I will finish.


  1. Plans!!!, what in the world does that mean. I cannot stick to one thing but I am working each and every day on my Teen Hoodie, but then I branch off to more mindless knitting.

  2. I know for a fact that none of your knitting is mindless, MommaBear. You go off in all directions all the time. Your mind is always working overtime.


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