Friday 22 January 2010

While Lynda is getting ready to go to Stitches West I am recovering from my other interests. Last weekend I went to adult camp - a music DIY weekend. It's just like a knitting retreat. It's relaxing,

there are intense conversations about equipment,

groups get together to do what they do best,

and sometimes things happen so fast you cannot capture them on film (that must have been Saturday because no one was moving that fast by Sunday - late, late nights).

Everyone is given a chance to shine.

A wonderful sense of community springs up.

And I must confess I did not knit one stitch! So I have been making up for lost time this week.

I am working on the sleeve flare of the Valentine. The pattern is pretty close to a final version. I have to reknit the bottom section since Elizabeth and I both felt that we would like to see the hip a little wider than the bust since this is a close fitting garment. Most of us could use an extra inch or so over the hip, right? A pleasure for me, I have another chance to knit that beautiful cable pattern.

And I am almost there on the Teen cardigan. No more sleevelessness. But I think I made the cuff on the sleeve too long. I had it on, even though it is about 3 sizes too small (no one is seeing a photo of that!), and the sleeve looks like it's a short sleeve instead of a cap sleeve. So I'm going to rip back 2 of the pattern repeats and leave 1 pattern repeat for the edging. I think that will do it. It's A-lined so that the bottom is about 7" wider than the bust to give it a
bit of s-w-ing.

Have you been to a retreat and was it great or what?!

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