Monday 15 March 2010

All 4 of the sweater patterns are corrected and I have sent them all to Lynda. Yay. I've been through all of the hat, mittlet, scarf and leggings patterns too but they will require some more work depending on where they end up in the book. Lynda is going to start laying out the pages. We use one computer program for getting the patterns written and edited but then Lynda has to use a completely different program to set up the book for the printer. It means that any corrections made now have to be made on Lynda's computer because it's too complicated for my poor computer or me to handle. From now on I deal with paper copies and we seem to have lots of scrap paper around here I can use up. Soon it will look more book-like. Very exciting when that happens.

For now there is a break in the action for me. I can't turn my head to anything new yet but I do need some distraction between bouts of editing. I think I'll work on my Adagio Shawl by Candace Eisner Strick. I've totally lost my place but wouldn't this be lovely for the spring/summer (if it was finished of course)?
And I need something for a baby too. A friend of mine had a lovely new baby boy last week and I had to go to her shower with . . . a store bought blanket! How embarrassing. It's not as if I didn't know it was coming. I'm not very good with baby stuff, I know many knitters just love it. I'd much rather knit something for momma. I've seen the little guy and he is so cute, he certainly deserves some handknits. So I'm thinking summer weight sweater for baby and maybe something lacey for momma. Spring is the time for lace knitting.

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