Wednesday 17 March 2010

Country Woman Magazine

Sophy and I were trying to figure out why we were having a little run of orders for 3 balls of our Cotton Tweed DK Lemon. Then were were getting orders for various colours of Cotton Tweed DK but all for 3 balls. We were perplexed! 

All was explained by an email from Diane, owner of Georgetown Yarn & Crafts. Diane got her copy of Country Woman Magazine and she recognized the yarn as soon as she saw it (Diane was one of the first stores to carry our yarn so she knows it well). She wondered if we knew our yarn was used in this sweater? Well, we didn't so I zipped out to Chapters and bought a copy. Here's a photo of the very cute sweater (and a very nice magazine it is too).
Country Woman Magazine, April/May 2010 issue. Yarn supplied for the design contest by

- Lynda


  1. The little girls' sweater is adorable - no wonder the yarn is flying out the door 3 balls at a time!

    Janis B

  2. Very cute! Makes me wish I knew of a little one to knit for.


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