Thursday 11 March 2010

Putting a book together is not too blogworthy. I've been working on formatting patterns for several hours, moving print, charts and boxes with stitch patterns in them around on the pages to see what looks and reads best. Then printing them out, looking at them again because somehow they never look quite the same on paper as they do on the screen. I scribble and draw arrows all over them, then back to the computer and, well, you get the picture, no knitting is going on here at present. Nothing to show you now but there will be a new Teen booklet coming out in May and that's really, really, REALLY SOON. Lots to do yet. All the sweaters are finished except for the buttons, sewing in some ends and blocking, the patterns are written but not polished up yet, the photographer is lined up and the printer has scheduled us some time in April. The next couple of weeks are going to be BUSY but it's coming together. We're excited!


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