Wednesday 30 June 2010

I am knitting socks, have I mentioned that lately?
Am I totally out of control here? I have one lace, one cable, one textured and one stockinette sock on the go. One to try the lace in a heavier weight wool, one to test the cable with some variations, one to see if the texture can hold out against the variegated wool and one plain sock because the tweed is so lovely and it's perfect for 'in the car' knitting. I'm not sure that any of these good reasons excuses having so many different socks on the go at once. But I've found myself in this position so it is only good sense to carry on, right? I'm obviously overflowing with good sense as you can tell. We'll see how I feel after the long weekend. I should have at least 2 of these socks done, 4 would much too much to hope for.

Have a terrific long weekend. Ours starts tomorrow, yay! Happy Canada Day everyone.

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  1. Socks are so addicting!! I usually have a pair or two on the go all the time. As well as a hoodie & other goodies . . .


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