Saturday 5 June 2010

Fran emailed about figuring out how to make a longer V-neck with short rows and this started some samples. I'd like to find some simple way to work it but nothing is quite working out as simply as I would like. This definitely is not the answer.
And these 3 aren't either but they give me information which is useful just because they didn't turn out as expected. The top right is the closest one where I worked the short rows with a decrease at the end and increased on the Fronts every 4th row. The answer is somewhere in that one.
And the socks keep getting knit. Just a simple ribbed sock but writing it for all gauges of yarn is a bit of a challenge. I am breaking the process of knitting the sock into very small steps to make sure every possiblility is covered. It's interesting work. And there will be many socks at the end, not a bad result.

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  1. On longer V-necks: I find that the every 4th row method works pretty well, but it's true that going from the top down with a V-neck is harder to calculate than going from the bottom up.
    On socks: I have an old "Yankee Knitter" leaflet with socks in all gauges that I still find to be the very best source for sock numbers. It's taped together, but I'm not giving up on it until it disintegrates!


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