Friday 7 January 2011

Again the sizing question comes up. I only want to deal with 6 sizes so what kind of range should I use. Brenda and Liz both think younger women will want to knit this shrug and I agree. But if I go down to a 33" finished size I am chopping off quite a few larger sizes that some young women might need. So I have decided to write up two patterns. One which will go up to the large size and then I'll rework the pattern in a finer yarn which will take me down to a 29" finished size, great for some 12 year olds. The finer yarn also makes all the details of the garment smaller too which is a bonus and will make it look better for some petit women. It means there will be two patterns available for the same garment with some overlap of sizes.

In the Ample Knitters list there was a topic about magazines not catering to the larger sizes. I totally sympathize. How frustrating is it to buy a magazine where your size is not included. I think it's partly because of the limits of size range of a design but it may be the market that the magazine to geared for. Size range is complicated. What do you think?


  1. Yes, making several sizes in the same pattern can become very complicated, it seems that one size will cause panic when you are doing the numbers. I wonder if you can just leave that size out, I guess not!!!!!

  2. That sounds perfect ... covers everyone.

  3. Yes, I know firsthand that size is complicated! There can be constraints due to design elements. Sometimes there has to be compromise. Overall,I think it is probably harder for knitters to find patterns in the larger sizes. I notice that the Knitting Pure and Simple patterns are going onto Patternfish (Yay!) and they're great for seamless patterns in larger sizes. So there's hope.

  4. I know size is complicated & that a lot of design elements don't "size up". Small sizes are a faster knit, take less yarn, etc etc but half of all North American women are size 16 or larger. There's a huge market out there that knits for other people or just makes socks, hats, scarves & mitts for herself because she can't find a pattern in her size. . . Maybe you should specialize in the larger market, maybe small should be size 16. I love top down patterns!! But I need help with neck & shoulder details - who wants all sweaters to look the same?? - and I need help with increasing the front for bust & tummy without getting a huge back & arms!!!


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