Thursday 27 January 2011

It's Thursday already. Where did the week go? The shrugs have gone to the photographer, that pattern is written up so it's back to thinking about baby sweaters for me.
The new book Bernice Vollick and I are working on this winter is a multi-gauge Top Down baby cardigan book. I've knit 3 of the sizes in chunky weight yarn to check the necks. Now we're talking button placement, buttonband width and anything else that comes up. I've done the charts for all the sizes and gauges and Bernice has set up spread sheets so we can manipulate the numbers if we need to. I've written up the first 10 pages of the book with a basic pattern using the charts. If you've seen our Need A Hat? or Need A Sock? books you know what I'm talking about.
The format for the book and figuring out how to make it user friendly is the first and biggest part of our book writing. How much information is too much? How can we make it understandable? What are we assuming the knitter knows that they might not know (that's a tough one). Does it all follow smoothly or do we have to move this information onto the next page? Have we put too much information on any page? Does this sound like fun yet? Actually, it is. I love this stage of the game. Once we have all this figured out the rest just falls into place believe it or not. 

If you knit every size in every weight of yarn there are 36 sweaters so far. There aren't any actually knit up yet but the potential is there. I've knit 3 partial sweaters and Bernice has also be working on a couple. There will be many, many more by the time we're finished. The designing of the sweaters comes much, much later. Right now we have to get the bare bones worked out. Tomorrow we take a look at what we have so far. I'm excited.

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