Thursday, 13 January 2011

I've been writing patterns which means I don't have any photographs to show you. I have started a testknit but it's not very far along either. So...let's talk.

Sizing, of course, comes up on the other side of the pattern too. How does the pattern fit the body you are making the garment for. I find I have to adjust everything I make. I'm 5'0" tall (that's about 4-6" shorter than average) so nothing I pick up is right for me. Some petite clothes work well but even some of them are too long. Usually I estimate 4" less length on a sweater and I leave the sleeve length alone since I am quite used to very long sleeves on everything I wear. Sleeves down to my knuckles seem normal. I also like my sweaters on the loose side even if a tighter fit would look better. It's personal!! Waist shaping really helps to make a better shaped garment even if it's a little big. I work it out for myself as I go. I find all of this adjusting easier to do on a Top Down garment which may explain my facination with them.

How does the sizing issue come up for you? Do your sweaters fit right from the pattern without changes? Do you check the schematic and make alterations?

Liz, gasp, no raglan?! They are a sizing challenge, I totally agree, but that's part of their charm for me (the knitter who has 2 calculators in her knitting bag).

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  1. Like you, I'm shorter than average and like to fit as I go. I'm experimenting with a side-to-side garment right now. At least the part I'm working on is side-to-side. The next bit starting at the waist will be top down. Whatever it takes!


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