Monday 31 January 2011

I'm setting up my day of work on the book. At this stage the book doesn't look like anything but a pile of papers but Bernice and I made some decisions on Friday which I am going to put in. We've added one stitch to the buttonbands so we can work a slip stitch at the edge of the garter stitch bands to neaten up the edge. Task 1) 1 st to be added to any place where the buttonbands show up starting with the Cast On.

While we are working on getting the plain garter stitched bordered sweater done we have to remember that we are going to put stitch patterns in this sweater. Since this is a multi-gauge pattern which starts with sock yarn and goes up to chunky weight yarn, the extremes are the places to check. Does the largest size with the finest yarn work? Does the smallest size with the heaviest yarn work? In this case the chunky yarn in the small sizes needed some tweeking. We had to decide what the smallest number of stitches we could work with on the Fronts. That took a bit of discussion and working out some stitch patterns we would like to use. Task 2) tweek the numbers on the 2 small sizes with the heavier yarns.

We also made a large decision to fit into the constraints of the book. We have a certain number of pages available to us. That was a decision made some time ago. It's actually one of the first decisions. I wrote out the plain sweater for each size individually because I thought it might be easier for the knitter to work but it takes up too many pages and we won't be able to get to the designing part. Task 3) Right up charts with all 4 sizes on them.

There, a days work at least and here we go . . .

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