Friday 18 July 2008

Fall is coming

It's time to prepare for the Fall. Our show season starts in August with the Stitches Midwest show in Schaumberg IL, outside of Chicago ( We will be taking the Baby V booklet and the samples from that but we wanted to do some more adult garments in our Cotton Tweed. So I have started working on a reknit of the Summer Braids ( in Cotton Tweed Red. We have a matching red Circular Tank ( done already.
That's how it's knit, in one piece up to the underarm. It's interesting going back to knit something that I designed quite a while ago, in 2001. And I'm really enjoying knitting it. Here's a closer photo of the braids.

The braids are really fun to do and it is like braiding (plaiting) hair. The outside stitch of the 5 sts involved moves into the centre position from one side and then from the other side. They work up really flat and I love a stitch pattern which is easy to follow.
But I have other projects on the needles too.
I can't even remember when I started these socks but I finished the first one on Tuesday evening. They are in cotton/wool/nylon blend and I thought I should get them done before it's winter again. Ah, winter, nice to think about on a hot humid day.

I'm progressing down the sleeve of my new sweater. The sleeve seems tight but I am unused to wearing a garment like this (tighter fitting and shaped). The sleeves still have 76 sts which is lots but the ribbing is pulling in quite a bit. I don't know if the ribbing will relax with washing (hello, that's what a swatch is for) I guess my whole sweater will be the swatch, I never said I was very efficient about this designing thing.
It's very humid today and may not be a knitting day at all. Possibly I can sneak in a little bit later this evening.

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  1. Deb, the sweater is fantastic. But I'm with you on knitting in this awful humidity!


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