Sunday 6 July 2008

Mariposa weekend

It's a sunny beautiful weekend here in the sunshine city. Mariposa is in full swing and I've enjoyed a ton of great music. That's Hayden on the left with Joel Plaskett playing along on the right. I loved Joel Plaskett, his stage persona is very open and appealing. He's from Halifax as were many of the acts, from the maritimes that is. Lots of amazing talent there.
And there is Connie Kaldor on the right, with Cheryl Wheeler at her guitar. I like Connie but I love Cheryl Wheeler. I've seen her 3 times and have several of her albums. She's funny and poignant and a total frump until she opens her mouth. She has a great voice even though she sings about cats and potatoes. She also has lovely touching songs which she doesn't play so much at a festival.
Now up there is Loudon Wainwright III who is one weird dude but I have several of his albums too. He's there with his daughter Lucy. It was pretty cool to actually see him when his voice is so familiar.
Just a quick note since I'm sitting here with my name badge on and my volunteer T on ready to go out for the final day. It takes about 500 volunteers to do this one weekend. I've handed out several hundred flyers advertising for next years Forum workshops. I hope I get some response and interest. We'll see. Today I'm going to go see some acts I missed which were recommended in the Beer Tent last night when some of the gang got together. One of the great things about a home town festival is running into all kinds of people you know and talking about what you've seen.
Gotta go,

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