Saturday 12 July 2008

Mirror, mirror

I've come a long way on my sweater and I was trying to photograph myself in the mirror. It's really hard to do. I've edited out all of the photos with the funny faces I make when I'm concentrating.And then some friends dropped by after a bike ride and I greeted them at the door with my sweater on, with needles still sticking out of it, and they didn't bat an eye. They took a better photo of the sweater for me.

I still have to work on the sleeves but I can make some judgements now.

I like the overall shape of it. I don't know if the twisted stitches are worth the effort since they don't show that much. But my other thought was I should start them higher up. Maybe do an inch of ribbing and then start the twisted stitches after that. I think I like the twisted diamond in the back since it pulls it in at the small of the back. I found some great buttons at the shop, really light weight wooden ones. I made the buttonholes 6 sts wide and that was way too much so I sewed them smaller, to 3 sts wide, and am much happier with that.

I don't know about the neckband. Should it have a flipped over collar? Maybe not a huge one. I am definitely leaning that way. I could put some twisted rib in that too. All of the interest is in the bottom and I sort of like to draw the attention up to the face a bit more. It will look different once the sleeves are done. I think then I will be sure I need a big collar to balance it out. So far I pretty pleased with this and it's wonderful to do a big project again.


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  1. Like it a whole lot. I of course am partial to the twisted stich as you already know. Really nice shape.


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