Friday 4 July 2008

Here today, gone tomorrow

The big news at the camp this year is that one big worry is off my dad's mind.
This big tree has been his worry. When we built the deck around the camp we didn't want to take down more trees than we needed to so decided to leave the large white pine tree there and build the deck around it (see last post, tree on left in the deck). But my dad has always worried that it might fall on the cottage. So now it looks like this:
Next year when it's dried out a bit we'll level it off and make a table top for it.

85' of pine tree fell right down there. The guy who lives across the road is a cutter and he did the deed. My dad said you wouldn't believe how good he is at handling his huge chain saw and directing the tree right where he wanted it to fall. It took out 2 small trees but there was nowhere it could fall where it wasn't going to take out something. So now we have a little more light, it's not raining pine sap on us and my dad is sleeping easier every time the wind blows.

I am almost to the divide round for my top down cardi. Still on the first 100 gm ball too.
- Deb

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  1. We had to do the same thing at my parents' cottage, except the shed and bathroom were built around and beside it. After many years, when the wind blew, it would move the bathroom walls. We had it taken out last year....


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