Saturday 2 August 2008


I am dangling a large carrot in front of my nose so that I finish the Summer Braids. Don't you wish you had a pet knitter who would finish up your projects when you really want to jump into the next one? You could feed them all the ends of your knitting projects and they would happily knit them up and look at you adoringly waiting for the next tidbit. You could throw them the odd treat of handpainted wool, but just a little bit because you don't want it to interfere with the finishing up jobs. Would startitis get totally out of control? Would I run out of stash? Am I becoming a better person by forcing myself to finish things even though it totally goes against my natural inclinations? Would I become a selfish, hedonistic knitter if left to my natural inclinations? Would the guilt of not going the distance myself lead me to the laying down of my needles? Not a chance!

This is the carrot.
8 skeins of handpainted fingering which I dyed myself. I was trying to dye a pale colour which would vary randomly in saturation level across the project. I am going to knit socks to see what this does. They are drying in my back yard and my standing in front of them longingly does not seem to be speeding up the process. So I can't do anything yet but by the end of today I should be able wind them up and then it will be really, really hard to leave them alone. I'm going to knit those sleeves right now...

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  1. Ooooooo - they are just lovely.
    I would be finding it hard not to be starting a new project with them. And I think there IS a place that will finish your knitting, Net Grannies, in Germany has a website. I don't read German, but a friend says that seems to be what it is saying...... Kind of Rent a Granny Knitter.


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