Thursday 21 August 2008

I got it

The sock got frogged once more. Do I hear you saying that swatch word? OK you're right, it's just that I thought I had it all figured out, really. And I love working round and round so I guess my sock legs are my swatches.This is what I wanted. The slightly exaggerated hourglass effect with simple cables.

The cables have great relief and not the 'whew she's finally decided on something' kind. I'm very pleased. The wool looks uneven but is standing up very well considering I have frogged this same section of knitting 4 times (I was sure I had it each and every time). This is Shelridge Farm Ultra Soft Touch wool ( and I'm totally impressed.

I am also trying to loosen up on my knitting and not hold the needles in a death grip which has caused problems with my wrist and shoulder, all in the cause of perfect tension - perfectionism will get you in the end. I had to take a week off knitting during my holidays. Of course reading 6 books during that week was not exactly torture and I'm not a fast reader, I just didn't do anything else.

My mother is a terrific knitter and one summer when I still lived at home in Toronto but was at our camp in the north country, the question of whether my mother could drive the 7 1/2 hour trip home came up. Just in case of emergency could she actually do it? She never had before since my dad always did all the driving. So it was decided that I should go with her and she would drive the whole way. We made it into the driveway, my mom stopped the car, got out and slammed the door. "That was a total waste of time, I could have knit a whole baby outfit by now!"

I come from good knitting stock.



  1. I agree with your mum! I make hubb drive so I can knit! I really like the hourglass cables on your sock. I must spend some time messing with cables and see what happens! I follow the pattern but haven't ever done my own thing. It's time to do that! I'm also very glad you cannot knit a sock before breakfast. If you could, I'd feel terribly inferior! Would be nice to be able to do that, though. :O) samm

  2. Found a ball of your Cabin Fever cotton tweed at our local thrift shop today! I really like the hourglass cables too.

  3. Your mom really does know best! Your cables came out great. I liked the previous ones too, but I can see they weren't what you were looking for. One of the great things about knitting. Sooo many stitch combinations.


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