Sunday 17 August 2008

Sock before breakfast

It's almost noon and I am just eating my breakfast while I post. My usual routine is to read for a little bit while I drink a couple of cups of coffee and then start my day. Today I read half a page, made the coffee and starting knitting. So here I am with a finished sock before breakfast, sort of.
This is not the same sock which appears in a previous post. That sock has now been frogged (see last photo). I changed a few key elements and started a second sock yesterday while I wrote up the pattern. And no, I can't knit up an entire sock before breakfast - I wish! I now have some minor adjustments to make to the pattern but I think it's mostly done.
I, once again, started with a star toe and worked a short row heel. I like this construction a lot. It seems to fit my foot really well. The star toe hugs my toes and the deep pocket of the short row heel fits well. I make the heel with around 60% of the sock stitches which means there is a bit of 'redistribute the stitches' in the pattern but this gives the heel a deep cup and lots of room for the instep.
The lace pattern is easy to memorize and really easy to read as you work, which in my mind is even more important.
I'll get some better photos done, it's really difficult to photograph your own feet.
The first prototype sock is now wound up into a ball ready to begin a new life. I'm on a roll now and have started something new, from the top this time I think.

P.S. Commenters: I can't email you back with blogger but thanks for your comments everyone.

I think my massage therapist does a pressure point type of massage because it definitely works if I keep going regularly. The week off seems to have helped a lot too even though it was tough to not knit for that length of time.

A commenter gave the name of a group in Germany which finishes knitting for you - see August 2 comment. Wow, what a concept. Thanks for the information. Every once in a while someone comes into our shop with a half finished afghan which someone in their family started and now there are no instructions and no one to finish it. This is a problem solvers dream - Knitting Detective Agency type stuff, anyone looking for a new business?

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  1. Just read your previous posting about "finishing" sweaters. We lived in Washington, DC for almost 16 years before returning to Ottawa. While we were living there, I discovered that every yarn store down there offered "finishing services". Naturally, I never required such services since I have been knitting mostly seamlessly for 20 years! Since my family is on the short side, top down patterns let me get a great fit. Love your patterns and only wish you would do more adult sweaters with cables or colourwork.


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