Wednesday 27 August 2008

North Shore

I've been up to the camp (cottage to southern folks) 3 times this year so far. I spent every summer of my childhood up there and most of my adult life too (except for 5 years I lived in British Columbia - bit of a hike back). Last weekend we went out for a little spin in the boat and this is what Lynda's cottage (which she graciously shares with me and my family) on the north shore of Lake Huron looks like from the water.
Yes, it's sort of hidden which we love. And there is our lovely beach where a grain of sand is the size of your fist. Not great for laying out and baking but we're not supposed to do that anymore anyway. Still good for sitting and reading or looking at the stars in the dark.
These are the set of islands which sit across from us. Rocks and trees,
trees and rocks - how do those trees grow there? It amazes me every time I see an island like this. A full grown white pine needs a surprisingly little earth to grow in.

And lots and lots of very cold water. At the horizon you can just see Manitoulin Island to the south of us. I was very sorry to leave, the end of another summer.


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