Friday 12 September 2008

And I'm off to Stratford!

It's Friday and I'm just packing up the van to go to the KW Knitters' Fair I'm actually first going to Stratford to visit my girlfriend Judith (who is kindly putting me up for the night) and eat pizza (one of the world's most perfect foods) then off to the Bingemans Centre in Kitchener to set up the show tonight. The show opens Saturday at 9:30 sharp!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of the Side to Side Shawl #079, that I did in some very yummy silk. We (Deb and I) were not too happy with the gauge after blocking so I ripped it out to re-do on a smaller needle. In the mean-time we talked about some interesting changes I could make and the result is the Point to Point Shawl #081 with a collar. Here's a picture, I sewed on the tassels last night and blocked them, yes - I did photographed them this morning!!! This is called "just in time" knitting :)
The photo on the left is in Wild Silk and the photo on the right is in 60/40 mohair/wool blend. The left is a "kerchief" sized shawl or a "neck" shawl and the one on the right is a full sized shawl. I really like the little collar and the tassels add a lot of fun.
Here's a photo of the back so you can see the tassel and back better.
OK, I guess it's time to finish packing up the van and get on the road! See you in Kitchener!

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  1. Between the yummy pizza and yacking, I had a chance to see (and feel!) the new shawls. They're luscious • Judith


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