Wednesday 3 September 2008


Is this week speeding by or what?! I've been merrily knitting, frogging, knitting, frogging on my sock wool Hat. This is my usual method of designing a new garment but finally I had to put my failure to like anything I did down to the colour of the wool. Does this affect you too? It was just too pink for me so I'm switching to another colour today. I think I might look at the Ultra Soft Touch with Nylon from Shelridge Farm ( because I am loving the stitch definition on my King's Knight socks ( .
Don't the knots pop out?
See, there they are. Fun, fun. The knots are only on the leg of the sock in case you were imagining how they would feel in your shoe. Although maybe they would work on the pressure points of your foot if you put them on the bottom of your sock. Who knows.This is all I have to show you so I thought I'd show it thrice. It's a man's sock but if you switch from a stitch gauge of 7 sts per inch (28 sts = 4") to a finer sock yarn, say Ultra Soft Touch superwash (without the nylon) which gives you a gauge of 8 sts per inch (32 sts = 4"), you will get a smaller sock (8" around instead of the man's sock which is 9" around) and you too could have these to wear. Now that's a thought. Into my sock wool stash I must go.



  1. Now THAT shows off the knots nicely! But it doesn't look pink to me.

  2. Really? Is there such a thing as too pink?!? The blue is wonderful, though, and I love the pattern!


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