Thursday 18 September 2008


It's a garment. I could wear it now right? It would look like I tore the sleeves off but in some circles that's quite fashionable. I was trying to be a one sweater woman, but in my defence I did write the pattern and this is the third Woven Squares I've knit ( . I could have had someone else knit it but I am trying out a new wool and looking at the finished product is not the same as working with the wool.

But now I have worked with the wool, I like it very much, that's been established and I still have 2 sleeves to go. Easy round and round knitting down from the shoulder to the wrist which wouldn't take long but now my eye is straying. This is totally bad news. This is where I put it aside, I have had my way with it after all, and start something new which takes up all of my time and interest. It lays languishing until I have a moment to spare for it. I have to have it done for the Stitches East show in November ( That's ages away. Lots and lots of time to finish. Ha.

Anonymous, from the comments, asked if this was part of my Christmas knitting. Is it time to think of that already? I must admit I have leaves falling in my driveway now so she may be right.

What I have to decide is if I'm going to do any knitting for Christmas at all. Knitting is my job and my hobby, but mostly my job. I like to hand Christmas over to my husband who is the shopper in the family, OK one of the shoppers, my daughter is also a super shopper. We had to go to the mall to get a new cell phone and it felt like something was terribly wrong. I was in the mall and it wasn't Christmas, which is the only time I venture near it. Which doesn't get me anywhere closer to deciding if and what I might knit this year.

Have you decided?



  1. Can I hand my shopping over to YOUR husband to do? :o)

    I must admit I don't do Christmas knitting either. I work on knitting my bears for shelters and hospitals for this time of year. And the occasional scarf, just for variety.


  2. I make a point of not purposely knitting gifts for Christmas presents. I hate knitting to a deadline; it takes all the fun out of it. Instead, throughout the year in between larger projects, I knit small ones that might turn out to come in handy at various gift-giving opportunities. So, I'll make a baby sweater or a pair mitts, or a scarf and lo and behold, when Christmas or birthdays come around, I just happen to have something suitable on hand. Admittedly, this is a bit of a mind game, but it works and I never feel under pressure. P.S. I am almost at the underarms of "the Braids". Let you know when I'm done.


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