Monday 29 September 2008


I haven't been too happy with my knitting lately but now I feel released. I finished the woven squares ( . It's washed and laying out to dry.I liked knitting it and it turned out really well. I was determined to finish it and so was working on it to the exclusion of other projects. I felt like I couldn't work on anything else because I. Had. To. Finish. It's amazing how quickly things you like doing become a chore when this is hanging over your head.

But now it is finished and yesterday I worked on ...the second sock while I watched a Miss Marple movie, and this ... mitten which I am trying to fine tune and have taken apart several times already but am closer to what I want than I was, and a larger project ...

the Guenevere ( in Briggs and Little Soft Spun wool which is due out in October ( .

I feel so much better with all these projects on the go and with a lovely pullover finished.



  1. What a great colour on those socks. Guess mitten weather IS close, isn't it! You should bring the sweater to the next Guild meeting to show it off (make that BOTH sweaters)

    Jed :o)

  2. Love the sweater - it looks great.
    I loved it when I saw you knit it in Sudbury and it turned out great :)


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