Tuesday 16 September 2008

It's big

I've started knitting a sample out of the Briggs and Little Soft Spun (http://www.briggsandlittle.com/). It's a man's sweater, the Woven Squares (www.cabinfever.ca/P202.html) and I'm not done yet. How can this be. I've been knitting and knitting and knitting and it's still not done. For the last 6 months I have been knitting baby sweaters and it's badly squewed my sweater timer. I should be done by now, right? It's been days. Adults are so big!

I'm using fat wool and big needles and ... I guess a man is about 6 baby sweaters worth, maybe more. I have to reset the timer and get real. I have all of the Body done (it's in the round from the bottom ribbing up to the underarm) and probably half of the top yoke done. And just for the fun of it I am working the yoke Back, which is knit flat, by working back backwards on the wrong side rows. Actually that makes no wrong side rows because I am always on the right side, so maybe they are now backwards rows, or something. Anyway the pattern makes that interesting and I can see that I am improving as I go. I'll be over the hump today if I can get the Back done.


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  1. This is a great pattern. Is it a start on your Christmas knitting?


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