Wednesday 31 December 2008

Clean Up

It's time to clean up after the holidays and put the house back in order. For the first time in 2 weeks I have all the dishes washed, Yay. This is a major deal when you don't have a dishwasher to hide the dirty dishes in. I also got a few things done.Or almost done. The slippers are finished and I bought a piece of suede to cut up and stitch onto the sole. My daughter's boyfriend really liked them so I better get them off to him finished in their entirety. As the clean up proceeds I have unraveled a whole sock which I didn't intend to knit a mate for and what good is one sock. I put the wool in water to get the kinks out and hung it to dry yesterday. But it is taking way too long to dry (i want to wind it into a ball to take to a party tonight) so it's going into the oven with a pair of socks which are also slow to dry and my test knit of the Cable Galore sock. That sock pattern only needs a photo to be complete. It will be the first pattern out in 2009.It's almost here, 2009, wow! Happy New Year!! All the best to everyone in the coming year and here's to lots of knitting to come.



  1. "Happy New Year" to all!!

  2. Happy healthy 2009 to you and all you love, Deb! I'd somehow never thought to ravel the yarn from the single socks! I fully intend, someday, to make them mates. Yeah, right. Perhaps in 2009.....I love the slipper! And suede is a great idea for the soles.
    Off to think about single socks.... :)


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