Friday 19 December 2008

For Myself

I am so glad that both commenters said they were finished their Christmas knitting and were (or definitely thinking about) knitting for themselves. Yes, me too. I started my second cabled sock. I love this colour and the feel of the wool is lovely ( . And I can't say enough about sports weight socks which are quick, quick, quick. In thinking about sports vs fingering weight socks I realized that from November to March I don't wear a shoe at all (except for my curling shoes). I wear boots and then slippers or my Birks inside. So sports weight socks are definitely an option for increasing the number of socks in my sock drawer. Lots of socks means wool socks every day and less wear and tear on the socks I do have. That is my plan anyway.

I Cast On my second sock at a Christmas party last night and got down to the heel. Yes that's me, life of the party, knitting in the corner. It wasn't a chat all night party. It was a 'bring your partner to our group because it's Christmas' party. My husband ( ) runs a songwriters group where each month you come with a song you wrote, perform it and wait for comments from the group. Every once in a while I get to go and observe this process. I thought when they started that they would all start to sound alike but this is far from the case. They have all kept their own voices and the variation in songwriting and how they approach it has been maintained over the 6 years they have been doing this. They are encouraging to each other, have learned to criticize constructively (not as easy as it would seem) and appreciate any leaps past their own comfort zones which happen mostly because of the safe environment they have created. We knitters could be doing more of this. I wonder if it's possible over the web?


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  1. Thank you!!!! Seeing that you like dk weight socks too, I will no longer feel apologetic or less of a sock knitter for preferring them. I like the feel when I'm wearing them, and I'm less likely to end up with single socks. :) samm


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