Monday 15 December 2008

playing with mittens

I finished a pair of mittens yesterday. I'm using Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky. They still feel yummy even on a 4.5mm/US7 needle. I know that needle sound small but you must take into consideration that I usually have to go down a couple of needles sizes from recommended needle size because I'm loose (but not easy). They are a little rough too because I frogged a sweater I didn't like to get the wool and make it into something I did like.
These worked up in a day. During the countdown I need these quick projects because I have a couple of longer projects still in the works.
I think I'm on a recycle thing because this also was frogged wool from a scarf I didn't want to finish. Now it's being worked into an Alhambra scarf (pattern by in a now unknown wool. All I can tell you is that it's lace weight which I am finding a bit of a trick possibly because aran weight is my favourite yarn weight. This is really pretty.
And I am determined not to be limited by wool weight preference. There are so many lovely lace weight projects out there that I would hate to miss them. I would love to get a couple more pairs of socks done but I don't think that's going to happen. I now have a sports weight pair on the needles. This wool is lovely. It's by and in this gorgeous colour. I'm also test knitting my pattern which is really in fingering sock wool but let's face it, sports weight is just faster right now and will do for a test knit.
And speaking of socks, I finished the pair of Home & Hearth Eyelet Anklet socks from Cat Bordhi's book New Pathways for Sock Knitters.
And they still look very odd without a foot in them but are very comfortable to wear and intriguing to knit. I am going to try another pair just because I think the heel is so cool. Has anyone else tried any socks out of this book?
Everyone else in my house is out shopping so I better get knitting while it's nice and quiet.

P.S. For everyone who was asking Lynda is using Fiber Trends pattern Alpine Boots (see post below -


  1. I have never knitted a pair of socks, but my goal is to attempt a pair after the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over and I can sit and concentrate. I like the pair you just finished so why not - I'll give it a try!!!! I need to shop for some shorter double-pointed needles (which are not easy to find in my area of Pennsylvania!). I guess I'll try finding them on-line!!

  2. Love the mittens. Is there a pattern? When we were living in Washington, DC, and I had access to Brown Sheep yarns, I too made mittens with Lambs Pride Bulky, also knitted "firmly" on 5 mm. needles. What a great yarn!

  3. I LOVE the mittens. Perfection!


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