Tuesday 23 December 2008


Sometimes Christmas presents return for a refit. Last Christmas, thinking that my daughter's boyfriend had been around long enough to be an addition to our family, I knit him a scarf so that he would get used to the idea of knitted presents.Yes, with lace holes even, a real test. He likes it and even likes the holes but could it be longer please? It is a little short but I didn't want to spend more than a skein of wool and the time that takes to knit on an unknown recipient.
I think he passed the test and I have another skein of wool here so he is going to get a longer scarf. He also asked for a pair of slippers in lime green and navy mixed together.They are being modelled on my daughter's foot so you can see that they are coming along. Apparently he will love them. They are a variation on Cat Bordhi's Sky Sock with 2 strands of worsted held together and ribbing down the front V. I have this one almost done and have until after Christmas to finish the second one.

Now I am off to buy rutabaga's for a casserole for Wednesday evening Christmas dinner, on Christmas day we eat left overs, yum.

Happy Holidays everyone. And if you aren't having a white Christmas you can share some of mine.

It's snowing again. We are supposed to get 15cm (6") today! We have some extra to share if you're missed the snow.



  1. We could use some of your snow here in Pennsylvania! We are to have rain Christmas Eve Day (up to an inch)!! I too am cleaning and doing some food prep-work for Christmas Eve dinner. We have about 20 people Christmas Eve and then spend a very quiet Christmas Day. I am having a hard time staying away from my knitting today, but I have toooo much work to do before tomorrow. Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

  2. Now you have me thinking the scarf I'm knitting needs to be longer..... Have a Merry Christmas with your family in your winter wonderland - you have even more snow than us, and that's saying something!

  3. Merry Christmas!! The last of the baking is in the oven for eleven more minutes, my helper informs me, and the wrapping is done. :) We have lots of snow, more than you do, which is weird, but my brother in Barrie didn't get any when we did a while back, so we got ahead. The scarf is very lovely and the slippers are going to be well loved! I must look up that pattern! Best Christmas wishes to you and all you love, from me, samm.

  4. Just how long does one make a scarf? I never know. The slippers rock.


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