Thursday 18 December 2008

Fingers to Toes

These were the mittens from last December. I couldn't remember where they were until my daughter came home from Christmas and there they were hanging out of her pocket.
The blog posting gives you the plain version where you can use any weight of wool. In the mittens I knit this year I ribbed the cuff (Cast On 8" worth of stitches) and then did the pattern with the thumb gusset in rib also. I did some fingerless mitts first and then some proper mittens and I put some cables on the back of some and a double moss stitch on the back of some others but any patten would be fine there.

And now I'm back to the socks. I love sports weight socks. They are quick to knit, cushy to wear and did I mention how quick they are to knit? Three evenings, tops, to knit a pair. I love that. Of course I don't have a pair yet. Just the one. But I love the colour of these so I'll be casting on the second one soon and these babies are staying home with me.

Photographing your own feet is kind of interesting.

These are the same socks done in fingering weight sock wool. I think I might write up both patterns so you could choose. The pattern repeat happens to work out for both.

I have one more Christmas knit to do but that can wait until the weekend. I don't quite have it all worked out in my head yet. How is your Christmas knitting coming along?



  1. Christmas knitting is officially done. Any knitting these days is for me (trying to finish a scarf).

  2. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed checking into your blog since discovering your website in "Kids Knitted Hats". My Christmas knitting will be completed this evening. After making several hats for my grandaughter Kendra, my daughter-in-law-to-be requested a couple of the same hats to give as Christmas gifts for the two little girls she babysits. After Christmas I will attempt some socks and mittens (both of which will be a new "experience" for me!).


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