Thursday 29 January 2009

Baby V pdf.

The Baby V Booklet has been loaded onto the Patternfish website. Yay. Now you can pdf. download the entire booklet. PatternFish downloadable patterns. This is a miracle of the computer age and I have no idea how it was done but Lynda has been working for 2 weeks to format everything so it would work. Here are some in-progress photos of the sweaters I took during the making of the booklet.The finished garments on the babies are much, much cuter. Patternfish has a slide show of all the photos from the booklet for you to see. If you're new here, the Baby V has Top Down cardigans for babies, preemie to 18 months old. No-sewing and lots of fun. There are hats and socks to match the sweaters too.

And now onto the new project which is the Hat booklet. I have sent 9 patterns off to my pattern checker. This is most exciting for me. It's progress. And I hope to get some good feedback and some corrections of course.
This pink one knit in gray or brown could definitely be a boys hat, don't you think? I'm knitting these hats in different colours on the test knit so that a change of colour shows the same hat for a boy or girl. What a huge difference it makes.
P.S. Samm (from the comments) has a great name for my new socks - pine cones. I think they do look like that. Thanks.
Valerie (new sock knitter from the comments) is in trouble. She can't stop knitting!


  1. Love the new hats and love the "pinecone sock" in your previous blog! I am working diligently on my first sock (ready to start the heel).

  2. Wow! Thanks for liking my idea! That's twice in one week a comment that I've made, just in passing,has given someone an idea to name their project! What an honour! The socks are beautiful and they do look like pinecones to me for sure. I'm happy that Linda has organized the computer aspects of the pattern book! No way my brain can do that stuff. :) I mentioned once to someone that I cannot imagine the brain of someone who could invent a computer or a copy machine or a camera etc. That person said to me that it was okay, because my brain can interpret knitting and crochet patterns and execute them! I kinda like that. :) samm@rav...


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