Friday 9 January 2009

missing week

Where has the week gone? I've lost it somewhere. I am slowly going over each day to see if I accomplished anything. I was busy, I did computer work, I knit, I caught up with some friends, I started to arrange a curling clinic for the Day Ladies League, I took photos ... Yes I do have something to show you.I finished the second Squiggly sock.The pattern does a lovely wiggle in between the columns.

I got a nice picture of the Cables Galore sock and this photo is now being printed at the photo store so I can make up some patterns next week. I'll let you know when it's available on too. That may be a little later.
And now my new rental neighbours don't know what to make of me out on the driveway with one sock on and my son crouched down trying to get a good photo of my foot. Then I got out my wooden mannikin and dressed her up in a T-shirt and sweater. She looked kind of naked so I went back in to get a skirt for her. Then she didn't quite look dressed up enough so I search for a necklace and started taking photos. "Oh hi. How's it going? Did you have a good Christmas? Are you off to work? Yeah me too, be seeing ya". It's OK, it's only the weird lady next door.
This is a photo of the Guenevere pattern ( which I knit in Briggs and Little Soft Spun ( We're going to put this new photo on the cover of the pattern - it's a huge improvement don't you think?

Otherwise we are basking in more snow and lots of beautiful sun shine this week.

- Deb

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  1. Hi there! Glad you're back! Our computer was down (full of cat fur!) and I missed reading in blogland. :)The sock and sweater patterns are lovely. I have to find out where I can buy Briggs and Little yarns. Gotta do that. I must go shopping at your store again. Of course, I haven't knit up the last patterns I bought.... Does that matter?! samm


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