Saturday 24 January 2009

knit every minute

Valerie (from the comments) wants to knit every minute she can and ignore her housework. Hey, why not? She should be worried, she's starting socks and you know what that means. It could be years before she recovers from that one. I'm still in thrall with the sock. But I did vacuum today. That's the first time in ... I can't remember. Guess what I've been doing instead?
One more experiment with changing where the Top Down increases are situated. This time I placed the raglan shapelines (the lines with the paired increases) equadistant around the neck.
I like this one a lot. It means that the sleeve at the shoulder is 4" wide. And that makes a great neck line but it also means that I'll get to the total number of stitches for the sleeve way earlier than I will for the Fronts and Back. So I stopped adding the increases to the sleeves when I hit my sleeve number of stitches and started making increases on the Fronts and Back every row (instead of the earlier rate of working the increases every 2 rows).
To make the holes look the same as before I worked a YO on the right side row and on the purl row I worked a knit & purl into the YO loop. That adds a stitch on the right side and another stitch on the wrong side. I think it came out pretty well. It has definite possibilities.Can you see the curve at the bottom of the shapeline? It slopes into the underarm quite naturally. I like it!

I'm running a class on this very subject on January 31 through the . After the class I'm going to knit on some of the samples some more, join up the Fronts and Back and knit down the body a bit. Then I'll really be able to see which ones I like the look of. Good thing the class is coming up quick because I keep thinking of more possibilities. It's endless I tell you!


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  1. Oh, I like this one alot! I've been working on one of your versions from an earlier post. I think it's interesting the way the direction of the stitches changes when you change where the increases land. This looks like the most useful one yet. (And you used my trick about the "fake" yo. I thought it was pretty clever but no one else had mentioned doing it so I figured there must've been a reason why they didn't.)


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