Monday 26 January 2009

the frog has landed

I was moving along very nicely on my sock.I kept trying it on and it was a little tight but ... I kept telling myself it will stretch a little after it's off the needles. I turned the heel and tried it on again - more than a little tight, a lot tight. So ... frogging here I come. I kept a bit just to look at it and see what I liked and what I didn't like.I like the ripple affect a lot. Just on the left there you can see that there is a little hole made just above where the 2 twists come together (the sock is stretched over a glass and really tight, maybe that was a clue). I really liked the little hole so I thought I would try to exaggerate it and make it a feature.I didn't like this at all. That's a ladder between the stitches because you are ending one needle and beginning the next with purl stitches. Sometimes the pattern requires this and because I really like the pattern I let it pass but I thought I could do something about this one.I exaggerated the hole by picking up a stitch in the hole that is naturally there, making it bigger. This of course added a stitch which just happened to be right next to the change of needles. So to get rid of the ladder I twisted that stitch. Now I have added 6 more stitches to the pattern and I also went up a needle size too - a bit of overkill on the tight sock thing. I'm going down to my normal sized needle now but this will sit nicely on my calves and I want these to be a bit longer than my usual 6" leg. I made one more little change part way down but I'm not going back to change the rest. The frog can just go help someone else for a bit.


  1. Pretty sock! In the first picture the design reminds me of pinecones! I like your pattern a lot. Waiting to see the finishe pair..... :) samm

  2. I have to tell you - I am in trouble!! Knowing that it was going to be a very slow day at the office and being the only one here, I decided to take my knitting and start my first pair of socks. I CANNOT STOP KNITTING :) !! Now keep in mind I am a slow knitter (especially when it comes to the knit 1 purl 1 ribbing), but once I got past that part and got the four needles positioned to where they felt comfortable, I am on a roll! You were right - these socks could become as addicting as the hats!!


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