Friday 13 March 2009


I'm trying to mix it up here. This is a traditional Nordic style hat in red, burgundy and black.
Which I have redone with a variegated.This is Naturally Aspire, another singles in a great colourway.
As you can see I am in the coloured hat section. Here is another in Cabin Fever Northern Lights chunky . It went up very quickly indeed.
And this is the original teal/green colourway. I've hung this hat up for the moment since it is a beautifully sunny day outside, even though it's -8 degrees, and I think I need a short walk down to the library and possibly a nice cup of tea.-Deb


  1. Love the teal/green hat. I wonder what this shape looks like on a person. Will your book show the hats on actual people?

  2. Your color selections are great!!

  3. I love the colours in that first hat, the red burgundy and black Nordic. So rich! Hope you got your walk and tea. :) samm


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