Monday 9 March 2009

Here they come

I finished 2 more hats over the weekend. I haven't counted them but that makes quite a few now.Just counted - 21 hats. One large pile ready to hand over to Lynda. This is what I have been waiting for, the pass off in this relay we do to publish a booklet. I get to give all these hats to Lynda and she works with the photographer and sets up the layout of the booklet. Then it all comes back to me for editing but I get a couple of weeks rest. It's best to come back to it with new eyes. I still have about 5 hats to finish up but I feel like the back is broken on this project. One more week I think. I was a little off on my scheduling as usual (I never actually counted how many hats I had to finish, too daunting). But I can knit about one and a half hats a day if I really go for it. Where are those video tapes and audio books I borrowed from the library? Time to settle in.
P.S. The shawl from the last post was for my mom and she was very pleased with it. Did I tell you that I made it as a Christmas present (ah, last year)? A little late for the party as usual. I have to admit I was a little scared of the blocking but it went magnificently and it made the shawl hang beautifully.


  1. The hats look lovely all piled together. What is the yarn used in the top right hat? So pretty! samm

  2. I knew you could do it!! And I agree with Samm - the yarn used for the hat on the top far right is beautiful!! I am getting toooo anxious for the book.


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