Monday 30 March 2009

New and Old

A new project. Yes. It's been a while since I have had the chance to play around with something new. This one has been peculating in my brain for months and has finally broken the queue and stomped to the front of the line saying "what about me!". So yesterday I cast on and had no trouble at all getting through 1 ball just to see what it was going to look like. Not much. I guess you can't see the rest of the sweater but it's all there every time I look at it. I have it on, I have lost those 20 lbs, and it looks great. Does this help? - big collar with the pattern across the Fronts which will cross, no buttonholes, attached with a stick. I haven't decided whether it will be a full sweater or a shrug. I'll see when I get there. But I can't get carried away with this. I am also knitting the second Pine Cone sock.You're right I did get carried away just for a moment there but I will do some work on this sock. I will.

P.S. Commenters:
Samm, cables are so much fun and this one works out really well. Cables give you 'a big bang for your buck' - I had to explain this expression to a french canadian friend, so for anyone who is confused, a buck is a dollar.
Jed, I don't know if I'm going to knit the second mittlets or not. My queue of projects is getting very restless and all those project ideas have been so patient through all the hat knitting that I don't think I can put them off any longer.
I still have little piles of very hard snow in the yard but grass is trying to turn green around them. Hoorah. Today it snowed and looks lovely. It's covered up all the grayness and looks pristine again.


  1. I agree. The buck bang you get from a beautiful cable like on the mitts is worth, to me a ton! (do we have to 'splain ton too? How 'bout "two bits"? My dad used to say that.) I've done simple cables but not any as fancy as those ones. :) I'm getting, though, so I can read the knitting and see how it's done. The more you knit the better you git, right!? I'm gitting braver! :) sammmmm

  2. Hey! It's me again!! If you aren't going to knit the seconds, how bout giving me the firsts! I have serious second anything syndrome, and would have a chance at having a pair! :) samm


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