Friday 6 March 2009


I've decided that I can't knit 2 hats in a day and still have my normal life. What was I thinking?! But I do have 2 more done.
These are both knit from the top down to the bottom brim. This one is really fun and making the cables is very satisfying. With every crossing you can look at it with admiration at a job well done. Cables are so complete.You may have noticed that I have a thing about orange and this one is fabulous. (I took this pic outside in the dark and I'm surprised it turned out. It still gets dark sooo early.) I love this hat. It's also done from the top (which I cut off in the picture). I can't resist the interwoven affect done with knits and purls.

I did take some time out to work on this.I knit it quite a while ago and got the blocking squares for Christmas. So I was able to block it out properly. What a difference it makes to use blocking wires.
It's one of Evelyn Clark's shawls out of Interweave Knits magazine. I can't remember the name of it. But it has nupps (the little things that look like knots but are really P5tog).I read that someone else did this shawl and put beads in instead of the nupps. I thought that was an excellent idea because the nupps are a little tricky to do. But once you start to anticipate them you can set up the stitches to be nice and loose and then it's easier to do them. I do like the way Evelyn Clark sets up her patterns. They really appeal to me.

Another hat beckons. I'm ready to cast on again. Doing a lot of hats at least gives me lots of chances to begin things (my favourite part).



  1. I only wish I could knit HALF as fast as you!! Once again....LOVE the hats! I will be making at least one of each.

  2. The shawl is gorgeous! Thanks for the tip on the blocking wires ... I didn't know such a thing existed. It's been fun seeing all of the hats, the orange one is one of my favorites.


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