Wednesday 1 July 2009


I don't have this lace weight figured out at all. Every time I pick it up it's a struggle for the first several rows, then I seem to settle down for a bit but not for too long before the unease sets in again. I am using metal needles and I wonder if they are too slippery?It is getting a little longer, though slowly. And my shawl is done, yay. I don't have any problem with the fingering weight most of the time and this went fairly quickly for me. And now that it's off the needles I can see where I elongated the leaves. I couldn't see that while I was knitting it. Now I can't wait to block it. Oops there is a counter full of dishes to wash before I can get near the sink to soak it. And then I suppose I should vacuum the living room floor before I have to get down on my hands and knees to block the shawl out. That's a better reason than most for getting it done I guess.



  1. Beautiful. I like to use our Queen size bed for blocking shawls. If the day is hot and I open the windows, the whole thing dries in less time than the blocking takes. And the pins are easy to push into the mattress. Of course, you have to be really careful to get them all out!

  2. Boy you knit fast! You've already done more of the lace weight than I have in the last two months. Of course, I keep putting it down to knit other things. The shawl is lovely - can't wait to see how the blocking opens up those leaves.


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