Friday 4 September 2009

Happy New Year

Are you planning out your winter knitting? Do you have big plans for this year? I can't be the only one who feels that New Year's Eve is a lovely party in the middle of the winter and that everything really begins here, now, in September.

1. I have sent in my curling registration. I have been asked to curl on a 'choose your own team' where you keep the same team the whole winter, exciting. I'm still draw master for the Day Ladies League and meetings have commenced already. It's going to be a busy year.
2. I have discussed a new booklet idea with the designers involved and am gathering stitch patterns and ideas in a file. We will have our first meeting in a couple of weeks. This will be my big winter project and the booklet will be published in May 2010. The beginning is very exciting and I can't wait to get going.
3. I'm teaching this fall: Unwind Yarn Store in Newmarker October 18, and November 8 in Collingwood. That will be fun.
4. I think I have agreed to be a drummer in a band for a performance in February. They caught me a weak moment. Yikes, practicing better start very, very soon.
5. I'm going to two retreats. Fun, fun, fun. September 26 weekend in Sudbury - a retreat celebrating charity knitting and all the good work knitters do; and a retreat in November with Sally Melville as the teacher for the weekend - Yay, this will be interesting and fun and I'm a student and . . . is it November yet?
6. I'm giving a workshop/talk at the Peterborough Knitting Guild on September 24. We're going to start a couple of hats with techniques used in the Need A Hat booklet. This is a terrific group and I'm looking forward to the visit. I'm also going to give a workshop/talk this fall to the Aurora Knitting Guild which I belong to. The idea for this talk was to show how I design. I thought that I would have them go through the 'what if I do this, what would happen?' process I go through and see what they think of it all.
7. There's a Stitches East show in October in there too, after the Kitchener-Waterloo show next weekend.

OK, now I'm exhausted. It's dangerous to write it all down. I'll be adding to all to the side board soon.

Time to pack up for the last folkfestival of the season, have a great weekend,


  1. Your list makes me tired. :) We're moving house, packing boxes and outta here. That's enough for me this fall!!! samm

  2. Deb, what are you talking about, the time is flying fast enough---don't say it is "Happy New Year" yet.

    How about "Happy Cooler Day for Knitting" that could become a whole new holiday for us players with the sticks and string, perhaps we could even try to have a new stat holiday declared.


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