Thursday 24 September 2009


I'm working away on a couple of samples.The Ripples ( in our new Cotton Tweed colour, lilac, is coming along nicely. I made it an extra inch longer in the body since Lynda is a little longer in the torso. I've been carrying it around with me for several days working a little bit here and a little bit there.

This evening we are off to Peterborough to run a workshop for the Kawartha Hooks & Needles Knitting Guild. I am going to start them off with a couple of hats from the top and see what progresses from there. I always have a terrific time with these knitters and am looking forward to tonight.

Another sample is going in my knitting bag in case I have some knitting time between now and then.That's the collar of the Swing Coat ( in our Northern Lights chunky. Big needles are so rewarding aren't they? I feel like I have so much done in a flash, well, not exactly a flash but quickly at any rate. And quick is fun.


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  1. Making your Sophie's ridged cardigan..... I can't seem to make the vertical buttonhole that you suggest. I admit, I have never made one in a garter stitch band ... Seems when I get to the knit row after the yo-knit 2 tog row, the yo is in the way & just a long loose stitch. I guess I may nt be doing the yo correctly. Snowing today near Phila so I am determined to get this done!
    Any suggestions or video's that I can see?
    Thanks, I love this little sweater!
    Joan Aikens


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