Wednesday 9 September 2009


The JJ Jacket is done. At least Bernice's is. We both knit this jacket at the same time but Bernice was always ahead of me. Not that it was a race or anything, especially since I lost.
I'm almost there. Mine has a few, I think that's 10, buttons to sew on. I have to polish up the pattern and then it's ready for the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters Fair in Kitchener on Saturday. A really big show.
I need to have the buttons on tomorrow, pressure, pressure.And then I can give in to all the startitis I want and you know I want to.


  1. Gorgeous sweaters!! Ann - have you bought the wool to knit yours yet?

  2. That is a beautiful design. I wish I could go the the KW show! Not this time, unfortunately. Maybe next year!!! Wow! I could even meet you there! The anonymous samm would be revealed!!! :)

  3. My first time at the show and bought lots of colorful buttons. Do you sell them on line?


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