Tuesday 11 May 2010

I finished my first Sock 101.
I'm testknitting so as I knit the sock I ask myself questions which I imagine a first time sock knitter might ask. It's an interesting process to put yourself back into the position of being a beginner.
Today I am tackling the second sock syndrom as I sniffle away with a spring cold. Yucky and difficult to keep my eyes open. I expect to take about 3 naps today and then be back on my feet tomorrow.


  1. Questions like - how come the second sock doesn't look anything like the first sock, or how did I cast on the top of the first sock, because this really doesn't look right, or how do I get the toe to look the same shape as my actual foot?

  2. Pretty yarn. What is it?

  3. Very nice sock! Looks like sock 100 not sock #1!

  4. It looks as if it worked for you.


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