Monday 10 May 2010

The Teen book has hit the streets and the questions about sizing it up are coming in. So far the Cardigan (bottom left corner photo) is the sweater which has caught the eye of adult sized knitters. I'll be crunching numbers on my calculator to get some larger sizes done. At the moment it goes up to a 40"/102cm sweater at the bust. 
I'll be starting there and size it up to around 50"/127cm. This is sounding better and better because I would like one for myself.

The second request was for sleeves on the Tunic (photo on top row, far right). That will take a little bit longer to work out. But I'm on it.

P.S. Samm, did you enjoy the Spring Frolic? For those of you not local to southern Ontario, Spring Frolic is a knitting show put on by the DownTown Knit Collective in Toronto, ON. I meant to tell you I wasn't coming and I apologize but Lynda was very pleased to meet you. I was coping with anticipatory stage fright.

We go to quite a few house concerts (folk music presented in someone's home - it's lovely because it's up close and personal). And usually this is me at a house concert.
In the audience, knitting a sock. And I'm quite happy to be doing exactly that most of the time. But . . . I have expanded my role and Saturday night had my debut on stage as the drummer in a band. Yikes.
That's me in the back, drumming on my cajon and singing away. Not the greatest picture but evidence none the less.
And I brought my own fan club with me. They even made band T-shirts. We had a great crowd of music friends and family. Phew, I made it through and even enjoyed playing in the show. I might try this again but I'm not going on the road and dropping my knitting career yet.

Happy Mother's Day everyone, especially my mom.

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  1. I'm so happy that you're number crunching for that sweater! I have loved that one from the first pictures you posted! I was at the Frolic for the first time and was amazed at the number of fibrecrazy folks there are! I missed you, though, and wore my Samm (from the comments) button just in case. But Lynda remembered me and it was great meeting her. :) samm


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