Monday 31 May 2010

My husband and I had a lovely drive through Algonquin Park on Saturday on our way to Barry's Bay so that I could teach a Top Down class at the South of 60 Arts Centre. A terrific group of knitters came out. Within the group there were a couple knitters from 4 different knitting circles active in that area. I was totally impressed at the level of activity in the area, wonderful.

I've not been good at taking photos lately and when I'm teaching I totally forget about it so no pics of the students. We talked about top down knitting and some of the alterations that can be made to get a better fit.
I took along several of my latest experiments in that direction. In this top down I shaped the bust by decreasing at the sides very quickly and then worked increases at the sides at a slower rate to A-line the top. I think I could have worked the A-line increases much closer together to get a wider flare. Next time I'll be a little braver.

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