Wednesday 5 May 2010

I have totally lost track of where I am in my knitting projects. I hate to look at my basket of UFOs, it's starting to overflow. I usually can keep all of the projects I'm working on in some sort of order in my head but it seems that that is overflowing too. So one thing at a time is the way to proceed.
My aran weight cardigan is almost finished. It's interesting working with yarn with a gradual colour change. With every new ball I was trying to keep the colour sequence going. It makes for several small balls cast aside as I draw out yarn to find the right place in the sequence. It worked pretty well I think. But now I am at the cap sleeve ribbing and I'm trying to go through the little balls to find the right amount of yarn in the light green, otherwise my caps won't match, oh no!


  1. OH NO!! Those small balls of graduated wool would make cute teddies..... Hope you have enough to keep the symmetry, Deb.

  2. See what you've knit since last week, makes me feel as if I have been standing still.

  3. I love the striping! Very pretty indeed. Will this sweater be at the Frolic!? Two more sleeps.... samm


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