Thursday 19 August 2010

I'm going to try something new. It's personal knitting but I might end up writing it up once it's done. We'll see.

We went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago. My husband and I had shopped around, thought a lot and still couldn't think of a good wedding present which was personal from us to the couple. So I have decided to knit them socks - wedding socks. I thought this would be no problem but how do I knit wedding socks?
I started cruising the Stitch Dictionaries trying to figure out if any of the patterns reminded me of marriage or weddings. Warning, it gets a little fanciful here. These are all from Barbara Walker's Treasuries Vol. 1-4.
This pattern reminds me of the wedding day where the marriage brings the families and friends of 2 people together for the day. These relationships continue to run through the couple's relationship.

This pattern sort of says the same thing to me but it's not as busy. The couple (the cable?) are more solidly together here and well, I just like lace and cables together. This pattern is in The New Knitting Stitch Library by Leslie Stanfield.
Trying to come up with a man's sock has me stymied at the best of times. How does this one grab you? I like the big cable with garter stitch going out the side. It's a nice one to knit.
This pattern I love. It reminds me of the bride's dress.

This reminds me of marriage in general, sometimes it gets wonky but if you can stay in parallel going in the same direction it can work. I wouldn't do the little pods on the side but the cable is pretty cool.

I really like this one with the cables threading through each other, different but together. This one is a distinct possibility and would be interesting to knit up.

Is this a weird thing to do? Have you tried it? It does make one think. Why this pattern and not that one? It surprising how it clarifies what you think about the subject you are trying to represent.

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  1. This really makes me think, Deb. Thanks. I vote for the last pattern - I like the idea of "different but together".....


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