Thursday 5 August 2010

There they are.
You can count them but I think there are 24 socks there. I have 2 that I have to finish up tonight. Lots and lots of socks. I knit some, my mom knit some and Brenda knit some.

Doing a book is a long project. I checked on the blog, I started knitting socks at the beginning of May. That's 3 months of sock knitting. I did do some other knitting but it's rather vague at the moment. I really enjoy the challenge of the long project. There are times when things lag badly and times when it's quite exciting. When things are flagging I have to think up something interesting to get myself going again and that often leads to a little twist on what I'm doing and I'm flying again. Keeping the end in view really helps. And we're near the end.

These socks are going to the photographer tomorrow. Hoorah!

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