Tuesday 17 August 2010

We've been busy on Ravelry. We now have patterns for sale there. We also have a Cabin Fever group going  http://www.ravelry.com/groups/cabin-fever .  And I realized that I haven't mentioned the KnitTrade show on the blog yet. Yes, I've been keeping secrets from you. Lynda and I have been working behind the scenes on a new knitting trade show.

This show came about because every time Lynda and I went to a trade show in the U.S. we left saying 'too bad there isn't a show like this at home in Ontario'. Since no one else seemed to be picking up on this great idea, we decided that maybe we ought to.

The new KnitTrade Show, what is it and who can go?

I'm assuming most of the readers here are knitters and not in the biz. But if you are, in the biz that is, this show is for you.
A trade show is for the trade, as in anyone who is involved in the knitting business. The big word to note there is Business. It's a place for people who work in the knitting industry to get together and see what's new, where the trends are going and who's doing what. It's a place where wholesalers can put all their product out in a booth and shop owners can take a look and buy or order. It's a place where designers can check out yarn and see if the yarn supplier would like some designs done. It's a place where teachers can talk to store owners. It's a place where wholesale vendors can talk to other wholesale vendors and make a deal.

Sorry but The KnitTrade show is NOT open to the public. Sorry, sorry. BUT if you have a vendors permit, dye yarn and sell it, work as a pattern writer, designer, teacher, test knitter, custom knitter, own a shop, work in a shop, etc. you can register and come on out. We'd love to see you there. You can come as a wholesale vendor or as a buyer. Everyone must register and get a name badge. It's the rules.

As a customer of your local yarn shop you will see the results of this show. You might see a new yarn, classes by a new teacher, new books or new patterns showing up in the store. Your local store owner is there on your behalf checking out what you might like.

This tooting of our horn is rather uncomfortable so no more plugs. I have done a mailing to everyone I know who is in the knitting business and lives within driving distance of the show. If I've missed anyone, please email us at info@knittrade.com  or go to The Knittrade Show and check it out.

We're going to be there, we've taken the plunge. The KnitTrade show is on September 19, 2010. Yep, that's in a few weeks, yikes!
Next time I'll be back to my usual blog business: Socks yet, ha, ha. I'm not finished with them yet.

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