Tuesday 4 September 2007

Happy New Year

I was at the doctor's office last week to make an appointment and the receptionist said that the doctor was "now booking into the new year". She didn't mean January.

It is the beginning of the year isn't it. The trees are changing colour, the temperature is falling, kids are going back to school and everything is starting up again.

It's time to plan the new year of knitting too. Do you have big knitting plans for the winter? A large project to work for many months, something sturdy and warm? Or lots and lots of small projects so you feel you have accomplished so much. Or all of the above - that would be me. More socks, a new pullover to replace the Take It From The Top pullover I have been wearing for 6 years, a new hat (in fingering weight?), finish the lime green and purple striped hoodie for my son, a top down cardigan for myself and lace shawls for the fun of it.

Christmas is coming again and sooner than we ever expect it. Have you started your Christmas knitting? Do you do Christmas knitting ?- I should have asked that first. I suppose if one was organized, now would be the time to start planning to avoid the last minute rush. Organized is something I only aspire to, I just keep Christmas in mind until November and then I panic.

One of my plans for this month is to finish various projects which are sitting in a pile. This weekend I finished this.

(Sorry, can't get the photo up. Argh, new blogs...photo is coming as soon as I figure it out!)

A redo of the 4x4 Tank. I replaced the 4/4 rib with 4 sts garter stitch and 4 sts stocking stitch to make the rib flatter. I also put in waist shaping. It seems to work. I am still deciding about sleeves or maybe a matching cardigan. This has been sitting around since last spring when I got inspired. Something else had a greater pull and it was abandoned at the underarms.

Since this is the New Year it would be appropriate to have a list of resolutions. But I am at present only entertaining one.

1. Knit my own wardrobe.

I am pushing myself to knit tops and cardigans and socks and pants and shoes. Except for the last two, I think this is possible. Although I have been giving shoes a great deal of thought. Could you knit shoes? Anyway back to the possible, I knit myself about 7 pairs of socks last year which was a start. I also knit a short-sleeved top (The Spring Breeze pattern) and now have finished the shell above. Wow, I'm on a roll here. I may never have to shop in a ladies shop again. Ahh, that would be wonderful. I might try a skirt this year. That would be an adventure wouldn't it. Stop, stop, one thing at a time.

OK, I'll make a pact with myself. When I finish one project from the UFO pile I can cast on a new garment. This keeps my UFO project number static but there will be some finishing. Deal!


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